When Gerry was in his twenties he painted many large abstracts- painting them at night after a day of work in London.  'The forms appeared in my mind to dominate imagined landscapes- they seemed to be Guardians protecting the human race.  But the sixties felt so new and full of life that Guardians seemed totally unnecessary. So I binned most of the work', he told me.

In these times of a climate crisis, he reworked the idea which resonated strongly with him -  the Guardian abstracts turned into Guardian heads- spiritual beings in the landscape, attempting to protect our world.

There's a fierceness about the heads, towering, looming large in the images he is producing.  Like ancient gods, each Guardian seems to sound a warning and tries to protect a particular essential requirement for continued life - the air, the seas the fields and forests and all the creatures who still manage to live in our world. 

We hope we still have time...

Nancy Brenner  writer