Gerry Baptist - The 7 Deadly Sins


These prints are some of the first woodcuts I made. We had a diseased Ash tree taken down in our garden and for some reason I asked the tree surgeon to leave some of the logs.  Some time later I wondered whether I could try making some woodcuts from the logs.  I had no experience of woodcuts – so using some old carpenters chisels and mallet I  began to cut into the end grain of the logs.

Then using water based inks with an old lino cut roller I made my first prints on newspaper…. the love of woodcuts began there!

Intaglio and people I knew from the RE gave me lots of advice.: types of inks to try, a decent roller to ink up, a good baren ( I now use a roller ball baren) and Japanese paper- though my latest work on insects is on Zanders paper.

I’ve been to demos of Japanese woodcut printmaking but I’m not Japanese and have found my own ways of printmaking but I take ideas from the sublime and long history of their incredibly beautiful work.

I have been selected as one of five woodcut artists from the UK for the 2019 Ulsan International Woodcut Biennial so I hope things are OK!

The 7 Deadly Sins prints are sold separately- though you can buy the whole set too which includes a Title and End print, making a set of 9 prints.
Each in an edition of 10
Signed and numbered

There is also a Solander boxed set of The 7 Deadly Sins.

Edition of 5 signed and numbered.  One boxed set remaining.

© Gerry Baptist 2020