Gerry Baptist - ON (the lack of) BUGS

Thoughts on the end of the world as we know it

Our world is an insanely beautiful place which we are remorselessly, madly, pulling apart.  We seem to be on a less than magical merry-go-round, learning so little as the centuries have rolled by.  Although there is so much to praise in what we have achieved, we have always been greedy and now with technology we have, we are able to and certainly do grab more and more of the world’s resources in an aggressive and mindless way.  ‘What have we done with yesterday’s tomorrow?’ is the title of one of my prints in the series ‘The Waste-Makers’ which was completed in 2007.

What indeed.

“We are the first generation that has a clear picture of the value of nature and the grave situation we are facing,” a WWF report says. “We may also be the last generation that can do something about it.”

I am trying to make people aware of just one seemingly small part of the vast problem. Insects are disappearing.

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